The NiPS Summer School 2018 on “Energy Aware Transprecision Computing” will take place in Perugia, Italy July 17-20.
It’s a 4-days school experience devoted to the foundation of a novel approach to computing: the transprecision computing. The nature-inspired driving principle behind this new approach is that almost any application involves a large amount of intermediate calculations. Those calculations accuracy is usually irrelevant to the final user. Indeed, this one is interested only in the reliability and validity of the final result. The main reason why in today’s systems these intermediate steps are still performed in full-precision is that existing hardware, runtime software, programming environments and algorithmic approaches do not offer well-assessed solutions to relax accuracy in a controllable way without sacrificing reliability. Lifting this limitation allows a slew of opportunities to arise. They will reduce time- and energy-to-solution by orders of magnitude, without compromising the accuracy and reliability of the final result.
This Summer School has a broad scope ranging from physical and mathematical foundation to low level technological aspects, to advanced compilation techniques. We will deal with transprecision computing, discussing its potential applications in a wide range of practical cases: from the tiny nodes of the Internet-of-Things (IoT), to the large computing centers of High Performance Computing (HPC). (Read Details)