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Open Source Projects on Transprecision Computing

Oprecomp Summer School

September 2019, Perugia, Italy

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The Open Transprecision Computing project OPRECOMP supported by the European Union’s H2020-EU.1.2.2. – FET Proactive research and innovation programme under grant agreement #732631 is looking to support enthusiasts, researchers and students from EU member and associated countries of the H2020 programme working on 

Open Source Projects on Transprecision Computing

Submit your project proposals until 1st of March 2019 through the OPRECOMP summer of Code Website. Your proposals will be evaluated by a jury and ten highest ranked projects will be supported with

(up to) €6000 per accepted project

Accepted proposals will be announced 1st of May 2019, and participants will be expected to attend the OPRECOMP Summer school in Perugia/Italy to present their results in September 2019. Participants have also the chance to attend the Week of Open Source Hardware organized in Zurich June 11-14 2019, to participate meet and discuss with members of OPRECOMP as well as get free hands-on training and experience on open source projects being developed through the OPRECOMP project.

What is transprecision computing?

We use this term to refer to computing systems that have the flexibility to allow to use the most suitable numerical representation during calculations, thereby allowing to save energy without sacrificing numerical accuracy.

What kind of projects are we looking for?

Our goal is to raise awareness, and provide examples for transprecision principles which show an improvement of efficiency without significant degradation in the quality to a wider community. Projects can include (but are not limited to)

  • Software, kernels, and algorithms implementations using existing hardware systems (CPUs, GPGPUs, Microcontrollers)
  • Applications ported to platforms developed by OPRECOMP members. In OPRECOMP we are working on transprecision systems covering a wide range of application domains from IoT to HPC. Proposals that plan to develop applications on these platforms are welcome. We will try to accommodate requests to help with obtaining these platforms to the best of our ability.  
  • Novel HW architectures implemented on FPGAs or ASICs to better support transprecision computing

Who is eligible?

  • As the support is coming from the EC, only students and researchers belonging to EU universities and associated countries of the H2020 programme are eligible to receive funding. You are still very welcome to submit your project requests, and participate in the events mentioned as well as be eligible to receive donations of material such as development/FPGA boards that can be used in the project if this is not the case.
  • People affiliated with OPRECOMP consortium members are not eligible for funding through this call
  • Projects can be proposed by individuals or groups. The funding of the project will remain between the minimum (€4000) and maximum (€6000) levels regardless of the number of participants.
  • All accepted projects will have to be made widely available using an open source licensing model

Acceptance criteria

Applications will be evaluated by an independent jury of 10 experts, 3 of which will be members of the OPRECOMP consortium. Evaluation will be based on

  1. Relevance (¼) to the call topics: demonstrating efficiency of transprecision approaches
  2. Significance (¼) of the objectives: the proposed projects should have clear and well detailed objectives that should lead to a significant demonstration of transprecision computing concepts.
  3. Impact (⅙) on the project results showing how transprecision computing could be energy-wise beneficial in the specific application field. In addition, projects with a well-defined exploitation path are clearly well evaluated.
  4. Requirements (Budget) (⅙) special licenses, material, hardware requirements for developing the project.
  5. Qualification of the candidate (⅙) based on a short CV provided by the candidate as accompanying material.
  6. Certificate or Autocertificate of belonging  to EU universities

What will Oprecomp provide?

  • Accepted projects that are eligible for funding will be supported at least €4000 at most €6000.
  • All supported projects will be assigned a contact person from the OPRECOMP project to act as a tutor throughout the development.
  • OPRECOMP will set up a mailing list for discussions between members of the OPRECOMP and project participants.
  • All participants will be invited to join the Week of Open Source Hardware organized in Zurich June 11-14 2019, to participate meet and discuss with members of OPRECOMP as well as get free hands-on training and experience on open source projects being developed through the OPRECOMP project. There will be no admission fees for the training, but participants have to make their own travel arrangements.
  • We expect to be able to provide participants that are in need with equipments or consumables (such as development boards) to complete their projects.
  • All participants will be requested to present their results at the OPRECOMP summer school that takes place in Perugia, Italy at the beginning of September 2019 (details will follow). Special discounted registration rate will be offered for open source project participants.

How to sign up

Send your short proposals (total including CV not more than 5 pages)  until the 1st of March via the application form. Your submission should include:

  • Short summary (abstract)
  • Description of the project
  • Workplan with tasks
  • Measurable success criteria
  • The infrastructure (HW/SW) you need to realize this project
  • Explain which open source licensing model you intend to use and how you intend to make your project available (i.e. through GitHub).
  • As well as a short CV (max 1 page)  
  • Certificate of registration to Universities of EU or other H2020 eligible countries

 If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to