GreenWaves Technologies (GWT) is a fabless semiconductor French start-up based in Grenoble that has been founded in November 2014. GWT owns several key patents allowing OFDM based transmission at only a small fraction of the energy budget of existing solutions thanks to an innovative channel encoding method. Its core business is the blossoming IOT market where range and network throughput under the assumption of a tiny battery powered device is a key differentiator. Beside innovative radio, GWT is also willing to offer enough local processing capabilities to enable close to the sensor data analytic in order to reduce the amount of data to be sent over the air. Targeted sensors are image, sound and vibration ones. GWT has already developed two generations of FPGA based prototypes and is preparing a System On Chip (SoC) to support a Software Defined Radio (SDR) based approach for several variants of OFDM based standards as well as optimized classification algorithms based on bio inspired approaches. This SoC is called GAP-8 and is based on the recently open sourced PULP architecture from ETH-Z and UNIBO. GAP-8 contains a cluster of 8 parallel processors, a dedicated embedded micro controller as well as peripherals to allow the connection of an image sensor, a digital microphone, an accelerometer, an external radio transceiver and an external flash based memory. GAP-8 will enable highly cost and energy optimized wireless connected devices. GWT is planning to start sampling GAP-8 first half of 2017.

Contribution to OPRECOMP

GWT intends to make available GAP-8 based fully programmable modules to project partners with built-in communication and data classification capabilities. The programmable nature of this platform combined with advanced power state control features is enabling a large trade-off space both at algorithmic level and at system level to finely control computing capability versus power budget.

CEA will contribute in WP5 with a software controller framework that adapts an algorithm’s accuracy at run-time, depending on execution conditions, and fabrication technology, i.e., FDSOI characteristics. CEA will also coordinate the demonstration activities in WP8.


Eric Flamand

Eric Flamand obtained his PhD in Computer Science from the INPG (Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble) in 1982. He started his career with CNET (former French National Research Center for Telecommunications) being active in the fields of high level logic and architectural synthesis, computer architecture and design, compilation and parallelization for parallel heterogeneous architectures. He then held different positions both in MSE and large semiconductor companies (Motorola, STMicroelectronics) still retaining some academic related activities. He left STM at the end of last year to team up with GreenWaves Technologies.

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Jie Chen

Chen Jie is doing his industrial PHD in the cooperation between GreenWaves Technologies and University of Bologna from year 2018. He is participating in Ultra-Low-Power-Architecture research in the project PULP (Parallel Ultra-Low-Power Processing-Platform).

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Corine Lamagdeleine

Corine is a Senior Software Engineer and co-founder at GreenWaves Technologies where she is also in charge of the web marketing activity.

Previously, she participated to the growth of numerous start-ups and world leading companies of the Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Semiconductor and Photovoltaic industries in Europe and for 9 years in the silicon Valley (USA), where she earned software development and Product/Web Marketing skills. She is experienced in Electronic Design Automation, GUI design and Web Applications Development.

Corine has an engineering diploma in physics and electronics from CPE, Lyon, France, a Java Programming Certificate from Berkeley, CA, USA, Internet Programming Technologies and Software Product Marketing Certificates from UCSC, CA, USA.

For the OPRECOMP project, she will be responsible for the project website design and dissemination.

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Francesco Paci

Francesco Paci holds  a full time position at Greenwaves-Technologies as application software engineer. He received the B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in computer engineering from the University of Bologna, where he pursued the Ph.D. degree in electronics, telecommunications, and information technologies with a thesis on Electronic Systems with High Energy Efficiency for Embedded Computer Vision. He was a Visiting Student with Trinity College Dublin, a Visiting Researcher with Movidius, Dublin, in 2014, and STMicroelectronics, Grenoble, in 2012.

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